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An Unexpected Tea Party

29 Mar

I thought it was time to mix things up a bit and finally show a little personality. I wanted to share with you some of my current obsessions:

leaning tower of TEAsa, tea for 2 set from

This awesome item is not only a teapot but a whole set! I can see myself having a lazy Sunday in my loft drinking out of these funky mugs.

This awesome Anthropologie lamp is amazing. It makes me want to create a room just like the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Alice in Wonderland. I was in love the minute I saw it in the store, however the minute I saw the price tag my heart fell. $198 is something my entry-level paycheck will not cover. But lucky for me there are tons of DIY tutorials showing you how to make one! Here is the one (from TipJunkie) I like the most, because it actually shows how to drill into china, instead of assuming you already know how to do it. Yup, that’s what I like to do in my free time drill holes in stuff…

And last but not least, what kind of tea party can be had without a little something sweet? I am obsessed with these Tea Party cookies from Sweetopia! Not to mention decorating cookies with royal icing is my latest hobby.


You also need an awesome place to enjoy these items, what better than a book nook! I found this originally through StumbleUpon.


Networking is like flirting

28 Mar

It’s Saturday night and a friend and I are having a casual dinner at a little resturant in Malibu. The waiter comes to ask for our order and I can’t help but notice how attractive he is. So I smile as I ask for water and give him my order, my very very subtle way of flirting. Flirting is something I feel I have never been good at. It takes just the right about of being coy and outgoing at the exact same time, a combination I have never seem to manage in the right amounts.

Then as dinner goes on, I hear a couple dissusing “their magazine”  in the booth next to us. I am delighted! What are the chances?! I whisper to my friend if I should introduce myself, try to network a little with clearly experienced people in the industry my heart is currently set on. Her response is “what do you have to lose?” Well my pride for one, what if they aren’t interested in talking, what if they are mean or rude? The same chances you take when you start the game of flirting with the opposite sex.

So I went for it, I took a chance put myself out there and introduced myself. We even swapped business cards! As I turned back around to face my friend, I was blushing, proud that I networked like a “real professional” and didn’t look too stupid.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never gotten a guy’s number before. I don’t know if its super common for women, but it’s never happened to me. So I have never had to make the dreaded first phone call, but when I network with that follow up call or email I get the excate same feelings as I would assume you get when making that first dating call. I debate incessantly about when to follow up. Is it too soon? Do I wait for the work week? What do I write? Should it be casual or formal? Do I just say hello or mention the prospect of a job?  Tons of options as to what to say and how to phrase things race through my head. My palms get sweaty, heat of embarrasment spreads up my neck and into my cheeks, my god you would think I was propsing marriage! But in the end I send the email and await the response.

I haven’t heard anything yet, but if I do I’ll let you know. Who knows maybe it will turn into a full blown relationship! Oh and as for the waiter, I debated about leaving my number on the receipt, but one adventure in the flirting world was enough for me for one night. Next time…

Conflicting Opinions

15 Mar

My friend Megan sent me a great article from the LA Times this morning about the popularity of unpaid internships which brought up a lot of conflicting feelings.  The article introduces Ashley, a hardworking unpaid intern, who works her butt off but gets no financial compensation, and is 40 years old! As a recent graduate and former intern, I can very much relate to the feeling of working for nothing with the hope that something might come along and how demeaning it can feel. But this story put my last few months into a much clearer perspective.  Here is a woman at 40 who is having to do the same menial tasks that I am asked to do as a fresh graduate. This woman has years of experience on me, and  yet she is still filing papers and doing errands just like the rest of us. WOW!

So as I am sitting at my desk, sick and whining on my facebook about how I want to go home, I am reminded me that I am one of the lucky ones! I got a job, I had to work for it, but that work paid off, and I even probably had it easier than most. So thank you LA Times for putting me in my place, and reminding me to just be grateful.

But this article also points out how companies are taking advantage of interns.  I know first hand that it is extremely easy for companies to take advantage of these eager youngsters, and most of the time companies don’t even realize they are doing it. As this is becoming the reality for most recent graduates, colleges and universities need to educate about what grads should expect from an unpaid internship. There needs to be a clear understanding of  what is reasonable “menial work” and what is abusing the privilege of free labor.

The next problem comes when a intern recognizes they are being used improperly. How does the intern solve a conflict with a company that has the power to choose or not choose to give them a job in which they are desperate for? The answer is easy, they don’t, the intern just shuts their mouth, and deals with it. But that sucks!

I’m conflicted. I am grateful that internships give people a way of getting their foot in the door (me being one of them), while at the same time I am really angry that more times than not, these interns are being turned into personal errand boys without a voice. Where is the middle ground and who is the moderator?