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One year and counting

7 May

First off my apologies for disappearing for a little while. It was quite a challenging few weeks.

Now on to the important stuff. Today marks one year since I graduated from college. I can tell you with a 100 percent certainty that this year has been the hardest in my life. I have struggled with facing the reality of “real life” and the challanges that come with it. For some reason one year ago I had absolutly no it was like this. I like to think of myself as a fairly smart and even worldly woman, but for some reason my future “real life” always held some sort of fantacism, like once I was grown up everything was going to be perfect. Well I think 365 days after starting my real grown up life, I finally got it through my head that my life is never going to look like a picture out of Martha Stewart’s Living. And I am slowly finding that I am ok with that. The other lesson I have finally learned is that you can’t go back. I spent so much of this year thinking about where I would be if only I had known about how hard the present was going to be. I would have taken different classes, done more interships, made other choices. Well, now I have one thing to say to myself..DUH. Anyone would do things differently if they only knew, but that is not possible so stop wishing it was. It doesn’t get anyone anywhere, you only have the present and the future so make those what you want.

Now, all of this is a lot easier said than done. Along with facing reality comes the knowledge that life isn’t going to get easier just because I’ve realized these incredibly important life lessons, but hopefully it will get better with time. I’ve had one year of struggle, but also one year of learning, loving, and living life to be grateful for. Oh, there is one other thing I have figured out, I am impetuous and that is what makes me the woman I am.