About Me

This is meThis is me.

Go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a job and live the rest of your life like a ABC Family Chick flick movie. This is what I thought life was going to be like. Well, I think most of us have figured out by now that it is not true, not in a bad way but it’s just not how reality is.

I got through the first part of this little life plan pretty well, with ups and downs, dealing with the trials and tribulations of adolescence in upper middle class Southern Califorina. Not too much to really complain about. Then I went to college…in Indiana, it was amazing. I found out who I really was as a person, what I believed in, and what I thought I wanted for my life. Let’s just say I grew up, a lot.

But in my final year, I was so anxious to start life in the “real world”. I was ready to be done with school, get a job and live like the rest of the world. So I moved back to sunny California. I wanted  I knew it wouldn’t be just a walk in the park, but I can also say I didn’t think I was so unaware of so much. I am finding life lessons with each coming day, I am figuring out that not only do I not know what I want but it is constantly changing, so really there is only one thing I know for sure…I don’t know ANYTHING!

So here is my collection of insights, experiences, and some other cool stuff, just for fun.


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