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Screw You! (Banishing Bad Thoughts)

3 Apr

Starting out with screw you probably isn’t the most positive way to start this post, but I promise it has a good message, so stick with me. 

A year or two ago  3 years ago, I somehow got it in my head that “I don’t know what I want”, “I’m lost”, “I don’t know what I’m doing” “I’m impetuous” etc. and I have been living my life like these are my truths ever since.  I’m not sure I am making any sense so I will just get to the point: I have been holding myself back for 3 years!!! 

This morning something clicked. I have been the creator of my own struggles. I need to banish the thoughts of “I can’t”, “But what if I change my mind”, “What if it’s the wrong decision”, because I can’t go anywhere or make ANY progress as long as I am thinking and afraid of those things. 

So here is to one step forward, and NO steps back (see, I’m changing my thinking)! 



Apartment DIY Checklist

2 Feb

This is a test…I repeat this is a test. I going to list all the projects I would like to complete for my apartment/ just being crafty, and I would like to see how many I can actually accomplish in 1 year. Let’s just see if it happens…


1. String Art Board

2. Stool Makeover, inspired by this

3. Criss Cross Lamp Shade

4. Chalkboard Spice Jars

5. A bar made of shelves 

6. A Succulent Terrarium

7. State Paintings

8.  Something cool with wine bottles…haven’t found the right craft, but I do have the bottles


And, surprise surprise I have a Pinterest board for this. Do you think I can do it? 

I’ve gone Paleo!

23 Jan

I’m sure you are asking what the hell is that? You are pale enough! (Haha I think I’m funny. I know I’m not, but it makes me chuckle)

The paleo diet is actually not a diet at all, it’s a lifestyle. But what it essentially is eating like our ancestors once did. No complex carbohydrates, no processed food, no legumes, no hormone filled animal products, and no alcohol (ok, I’m not sticking strictly to this part, a girl’s gotta live a little). 


I’ve never been good at sticking to anything diets, but I am looking at this as just a genuine way to change my eating habits. I also know I am not perfect and am going to eat things that don’t adhere to paleo, and that’s ok too. My mom came to Austin this weekend for a visit, so we took the opportunity to stock my empty apartment with only paleo approved items. This includes things like coconut oil, olive oil, almond milk, grass-fed beef, organic fruits and veggies, lots and lots of nuts, dried fruit. All sorts of healthy (and more slightly expensive) items that will allow me to stay on track. I got a great book, called Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso which has a great list of all the items you should stock up on. 

Then last night I made a recipe from the book, Pecan Crusted Chicken. Served with some sauteed spinach, it was the perfect meal.

Pecan Crusted Chicken

And since I am such a pinterest lover, here is my new Paleo board! Man, I just love that darn site!!