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Sing You Home (A Review)

12 Apr

Jodi Picoult’s novels  always resonate with the soul and the current headlines and Sing You Home is no different. Although, Picoult’s style is predictable, it is also what ignites an emotional relationship between reader and character. Sing You Home follows three characters Max, Zoe, and Vanessa, their relationship with each other, God, and the Court of Law. Any mother will feel Zoe’s pain of losing a child and wanting to become a parent.  You can feel the agony as Vanessa describes the hate and intolerance she encountered for being a lesbian. While your own religious beliefs are brought to the surface as Picoult tackles the debate of the “pre-born” and gay marriage through Max, as he becomes a born again Christian.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Jodi Picoult. But I found that although she took steps to make this book different from the ones previous by including a soundtrack to correspond with each chapter, it fell short. It’s dependable style did not set it apart from the crowd, nor did it need to as it was just as enjoyable.