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I can see it now…

17 Apr


These past few weeks, I have been back to focusing on my career and it’s development. My biggest issue is time. For me it doesn’t pass fast enough, I want to fast forward over these years where I am doing “grunt” work so I can finally get to the job I want. “What is that job?”, you ask. Well, I’m still not exactly sure, but here’s what I do know for right now (and that’s enough):

1. Its a high-level job, where I am the leader (I really like being in charge)

2. I am able to have a work-life balance. Working hard is ok, but I must have my own life (a relationship, family, a dog) as well

3. I get paid extremely well.

4. I enjoy the work I do and find it interesting.

5. I envision this job to be a mix of my current skills in marketing, digital media, and events

Ok great! I have an outline of what the hell I want! WOOOT!! I must express how big an accomplishment this is to finally have it in some sort of writing. So here’s what I am doing to get it:

1. Studying for the GRE. I think a graduate degree (program TBD) will help me achieve my goals. I am a strong believer in formal education.

2. Gaining as much experience as I can in my current job. Assessing my weakness and using this time to work on them.

3. Working on just being happy.


Screw You! (Banishing Bad Thoughts)

3 Apr

Starting out with screw you probably isn’t the most positive way to start this post, but I promise it has a good message, so stick with me. 

A year or two ago  3 years ago, I somehow got it in my head that “I don’t know what I want”, “I’m lost”, “I don’t know what I’m doing” “I’m impetuous” etc. and I have been living my life like these are my truths ever since.  I’m not sure I am making any sense so I will just get to the point: I have been holding myself back for 3 years!!! 

This morning something clicked. I have been the creator of my own struggles. I need to banish the thoughts of “I can’t”, “But what if I change my mind”, “What if it’s the wrong decision”, because I can’t go anywhere or make ANY progress as long as I am thinking and afraid of those things. 

So here is to one step forward, and NO steps back (see, I’m changing my thinking)! 


Holy Sh*T! A Whole Lot has Changed!

18 Jan

Wow! I haven’t posted since last March?!! Well, I can tell you one thing….a whole lot has changed. March of 2012, I was living in Mid-town LA, working at Alloy Digital doing social media for teens. Since then I decided that I burned out on social media, having had 3 other social media jobs including one at E! Online for a week before getting fired (but that’s a story for another time), and have moved on to being an event planner. Oh and did I mention I now live in AUSTIN, TX?!! 


And that is in fact what has prompted me to start blogging again. I have a project, which will also help me with my goal to actually continue to do 1 thing for an extended period of time (fingers crossed I don’t abandon you all again). I just got a shabby little studio and I am going to try to fix it up (on the super cheap) and blog about it on the way. 

I will be including the cost of things and where I got them from (this is really for my benefit of keeping track of my $$, so you’ll just have to deal) and any projects I do to class up the joint.


So let’s get a decorating!