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13 Apr

Mustches seem to be the theme of cool these days. There is even months dedicated to growing a stache to raise money for charity, check out this site about Mustache May! So in honor of the epic stache and the good deeds it’s doing, I thought I’d share my favoite items, and even a little mustche fun I had with my friends one night!

No picture is complete without a mustache. Check out these fun staches to take pictures with at your next soiree from Etsy.

A papercut is now a perfect reason to sport a finger ‘stache with these amazing band-aids.

Home design is taken to a new level of hip with this epic wall sticker!

Now because I am so envious of those cool men that can have a mustache, my girlfriends and I had a little fun of our own! I’m the hottie in the middle…