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Apartment DIY Checklist

2 Feb

This is a test…I repeat this is a test. I going to list all the projects I would like to complete for my apartment/ just being crafty, and I would like to see how many I can actually accomplish in 1 year. Let’s just see if it happens…


1. String Art Board

2. Stool Makeover, inspired by this

3. Criss Cross Lamp Shade

4. Chalkboard Spice Jars

5. A bar made of shelves 

6. A Succulent Terrarium

7. State Paintings

8.  Something cool with wine bottles…haven’t found the right craft, but I do have the bottles


And, surprise surprise I have a Pinterest board for this. Do you think I can do it? 


Pinterest Project: Kitchen Printables

18 Jan

So I’ll admit I actually started this project like 6 months ago! Typical Hillary!! But it’s now going to go to good use in cutesy-ing up my new place.


Like all women, I am in love with Pinterest! I have boards for everything, and when I saw this project I just knew I needed to do it. Here is the link to the original project, in case you can’t find it in my 2,000 pins. A big shout out to Lisa from Over the Moon as she created the printables (gotta give credit where credit is due).  


I decided to put my printables in a silver frame from Target. As I mentioned before this was a project that I started forever ago so I don’t remember how much these cost me, but I think it was for about $10-15 per frame. 

These are the very first thing I put in my whole apartment! Here are a few pictures, they suck so new ones are coming soon, but I wanted you to see them! I’m not set on the placement either but that’s where nails were from the last tenant so I just went with it! 



Let me know what you think!! Do you like them? 





13 Apr

Mustches seem to be the theme of cool these days. There is even months dedicated to growing a stache to raise money for charity, check out this site about Mustache May! So in honor of the epic stache and the good deeds it’s doing, I thought I’d share my favoite items, and even a little mustche fun I had with my friends one night!

No picture is complete without a mustache. Check out these fun staches to take pictures with at your next soiree from Etsy.

A papercut is now a perfect reason to sport a finger ‘stache with these amazing band-aids.

Home design is taken to a new level of hip with this epic wall sticker!

Now because I am so envious of those cool men that can have a mustache, my girlfriends and I had a little fun of our own! I’m the hottie in the middle…