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Pinterest Project: Kitchen Printables

18 Jan

So I’ll admit I actually started this project like 6 months ago! Typical Hillary!! But it’s now going to go to good use in cutesy-ing up my new place.


Like all women, I am in love with Pinterest! I have boards for everything, and when I saw this project I just knew I needed to do it. Here is the link to the original project, in case you can’t find it in my 2,000 pins. A big shout out to Lisa from Over the Moon as she created the printables (gotta give credit where credit is due).  


I decided to put my printables in a silver frame from Target. As I mentioned before this was a project that I started forever ago so I don’t remember how much these cost me, but I think it was for about $10-15 per frame. 

These are the very first thing I put in my whole apartment! Here are a few pictures, they suck so new ones are coming soon, but I wanted you to see them! I’m not set on the placement either but that’s where nails were from the last tenant so I just went with it! 



Let me know what you think!! Do you like them? 





Holy Sh*T! A Whole Lot has Changed!

18 Jan

Wow! I haven’t posted since last March?!! Well, I can tell you one thing….a whole lot has changed. March of 2012, I was living in Mid-town LA, working at Alloy Digital doing social media for teens. Since then I decided that I burned out on social media, having had 3 other social media jobs including one at E! Online for a week before getting fired (but that’s a story for another time), and have moved on to being an event planner. Oh and did I mention I now live in AUSTIN, TX?!! 


And that is in fact what has prompted me to start blogging again. I have a project, which will also help me with my goal to actually continue to do 1 thing for an extended period of time (fingers crossed I don’t abandon you all again). I just got a shabby little studio and I am going to try to fix it up (on the super cheap) and blog about it on the way. 

I will be including the cost of things and where I got them from (this is really for my benefit of keeping track of my $$, so you’ll just have to deal) and any projects I do to class up the joint.


So let’s get a decorating!