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It’s comin’ along

9 Mar

I have updated my blog to be a little more with the times. I hope you love it’s new theme as much as I do. However:

BEWARE: Contents are likely to change!

It’s all a part of the learning experience of blogging. The more I change things, the better I learn the program. Ok, that was unnecessary information, but whatever.

I feel like my next daunting task is to actually find interesting topics, photos, and insights that I want to share. I feel like most bloggers somehow know things sooner than the rest of the world and that’s what makes them so cutting edge. But that has never been me, I have never felt like I was the first to get the information. I always feel like I am the very last to jump on the train. This is what scares me about wanting to join an industry that is at the forefront of providing information. That means that they somehow find the information before anyone else.

This should be an interesting test.